Janno Gibbs

Janno Ronaldo Gibbs (born September 18 1969) is a popular Filipino singer and actor/comedian. Known as the "King of Soul" of Philippine music, he is a regular host of GMA Network's television shows SOP Rules , Nuts Entertainment, Eat Bulaga and Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? . Recently he played as Geron Agular in Codename: Asero''. He is best known for his song "Ipagpatawad Mo","Ikaw Lamang,","Fallin'" and other Filipino Ballads. His father is the famous Filipino veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

First showbiz exposure

Janno started out in 1986 as one of the members of the hit teen variety show That's Entertainment on GMA Network. His team-up with Manilyn Reynes on the show established a wide fan-base, enough for Regal Films producer Mother Lily to sign them as contract stars (or more popularly known as Regal babies). Prior to signing with Regal, Janno already made one movie to his credit, "Kalabog en Bosyo" where he co-starred alongside Dolphy and Panchito.

Manilyn and Bing

Janno and Manilyn were a hit loveteam in the 80's, starring in movies like "Stupid Cupid", "Love Letters", and many more. Their on-screen tandem resulted in a real-life relationship. However, the couple's relationship hit a snag when Janno became involved with Bing Loyzaga, daughter of basketball legend Carlos Loyzaga. At that time, Bing was also starting her career as a contract artist for Viva Films and as one of the hosts of "That's Entertainment". When Bing got pregnant with Janno's child, his loveteam with Manilyn also ended.

Bing and Janno's love child, Alyssa was born in 1989. The couple married in 1990.


Janno's marriage to Bing also meant he had to change his career plans. Before he got married he was more identified in teenybopper movies and his loveteam with Manilyn Reynes. Gifted with a soulful singing voice he was re-launched by Vicor Records as a solo singer. His first single, "Miss", received lukewarm response from both critics and the public. He also started to do concerts and was cast in a musical play, "Kenkoy Loves Rosing", where he was paired with Regine Velasquez. His team-up with Regine was well-received, however it also became open-fodder for tabloids. Some showbiz writers claim that Janno and Regine started an illicit affair, much to the chagrin of his wife Bing. But the rumor quickly died down as the Janno/Regine team-up never made it past the musical play, although they started to work together again in the remake of the Rico J. Puno hit single, "Magkasuyo Buong Gabi" (Together All Night) in 1993.

Janno's immense comedic talent, which was developed during his loveteam days with Manilyn Reynes, was also noticed when Viva Films started casting him in minor roles in comedy flicks. In 1990, Janno teamed-up with rising singer Ogie Alcasid in a concert entitled "Small Brothers", a spoof of the Gary Valenciano-Ray An Fuentes concert "Soul Brothers". Both talented singers with lack of height, their tandem became a quick hit among audiences. Soon, Janno and Ogie started hosting the TV version of the hit concert, aired over ABS-CBN. "Small Brothers" only aired for two seasons in 1990.

With more concerts, music albums, and a clear direction towards comedy, Janno successfully broke away from his teenybopper image.

Most Promising Young Comedian

Janno's promise as a comedian even increased when he and Ogie starred alongside former loveteam Manilyn Reynes in the critically-acclaimed "Feel na Feel" in 1990. From there, Janno also started playing comic sidekicks to other comedians like Dennis Padilla and Andrew E. in the movies. In 1992, Viva Television and GMA gave him his first big break in the sitcom "Ober da Bakod" where he and Anjo Yllana played brothers who defy all odds to court the rich Dinero siblings played by Gelli de Belen and Donita Rose. The sitcom became a hit, and soon after, Janno was given his own launching movie as a solo comedian in 1994. Janno played the Filipino comic character Pedro Penduko in the movie "Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko" (Pedro Penduko's Comeback) which was an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. He was ably supported in the movie by Donita Rose, Vina Morales, and the late Chiquito. No less than Action King Fernando Poe, Jr. guested in his movie along with other big-named stars like Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla and Rudy Fernandez. "Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko" became a big hit and Janno became one of the Philippine's most promising young comedians.

After Janno's successful launch as "Pedro Penduko", other movie and TV projects were lined up for him. Among the memorable comedy films of Janno were "Mauna Ka Susunod Ako" (You Go First, I'll Follow) where he teamed up with veteran actor Eddie Garcia; "Honey Nasa Langit na Ba Ako?" (Am I in Heaven?) with Regine Velasquez; "Tusong Twosome" (Shrewd Duo) with Andrew E.; "Weyt a Minit Kapeng Mainit" with Blakdyak; and "Juan and Ted: Wanted" with Bayani Agbayani. On TV, he was the solo host of "Dobol Inkredibol" on ABC-5, and was a regular fixture in GMA sitcoms "Manoy en Mokong" again with Eddie Garcia, and "Beh Bote Nga" with Anjo Yllana. Currently he is one of the leading gagsters in "Nuts Entertainment".


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