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Jahred Shane

Jahred Shane, also known as M.C.U.D. ("MC Underdog") is an American rapper and singer best known as the lead vocalist of Hed PE.


Shane met guitarist Wes Geer amidst the Orange County hardcore punk scene, and the two formed a band, recruited guitarist Chizad, bassist Mawk, drummer B.C. Vaught and DJ Product © 1969. They named the group "Hed", which stands for "higher thought". The band built a following based on energetic performances at local venues such as Club 369, and released the self-financed extended play, Church of Realities. Legal issues forced Hed to change their name, adding "PE" (Planet Earth).

Hed PE signed with Jive Records, but due to the label's contractual terms and the disappointing sales of the album, the band found themselves unable to repay the cash advances given to them by Jive. Shane is quoted as saying "We had these romantic visions of the music industry, and we thought it would be cool to be a punk band on a rap label. So we fulfilled that dream, but it was also probably the worst thing that could have happened. [...] We've had offers from Sony and others that we can't take because we owe Jive so much money."

On October 27, 2000, Shane was arrested for possession of marijuana while the band was performing in Waterbury, Connecticut. He was released on a US$1,500 bond.

After recording two more albums for the label, the band left Jive to release albums independently, eventually signing with Suburban Noize Records. Shane has expressed interest in recording a solo album in the hip hop genre, stating "I would like to but I just have to find the time to do it. [...] I just need to get my discipline down and use my time more wisely then watching South Park for eight hours straight." In 2007, Shane appeared on Twiztid's sixth studio album, Independents Day, contributing to the track "Weak Shit'z Out". The album featured appearances from several rappers signed to independent record labels.


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