Jacopo Gianninoto

Jacopo Gianninoto is an Italian lutenist, guitarist and composer.

Gianninoto has studied Lute with Terrell Stone, Tiziano Bagnati and Francesca Torelli, specializing in 16th century music, and has performed research on several music manuscripts from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. He has published a series of books of transcriptions of ancient music for Lute, Baroque guitar and Theorbo, adapted for classical guitar, contributing to the rediscovery of ancient Italian repertoire.

As a guitarist, Gianninoto graduated from the Conservatory "A. Pedrollo" in Vicenza, under the guidance of Paolo Muggia. He also studied with Narciso Yepes and Mario Gangi, and became proficient on the 10-string Guitar.

Gianninoto has performed concerts in Italy, Europe and South-East Asia, and has published some CD, as a performer and as a composer.

He is currently the Chairman of the Department of Music Performance at the Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand where he is also instructor of Classical Guitar, Renaissance Lute and History of Western Music.


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