Jackson Township, Clinton County, Indiana

Jackson Township is one of fourteen townships in Clinton County, Indiana. As of the 2000 census, its population was 1,218. The township was named for President Andrew Jackson.


Jackson was one Clinton County's original townships, created at the first meeting of the county commissioners on May 15, 1830, and remains the largest of the current fourteen. Its first white settlers were Walter and Anthony Leek who arrived in 1828.


Jackson Township covers an area of 43.47 square miles, including most of what was known to the pioneers as Twelve Mile Prairie. The unincorporated towns of Cyclone and Manson sit on its eastern and western borders, respectively. A CSX rail line (originally laid down by the Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Railroad) runs south from Frankfort through the middle of the township.

Unincorporated towns

(This list is based on USGS data and may include former settlements.)

Adjacent townships

Major highways


The township contains two cemeteries: Allen and Buntin.


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