Jack Atlas

is one of the main characters of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and the rival of the main protagonist Yusei Fudo.

Character Biography

Jack Atlas appears as the Riding Duel Champion and Yusei's former best friend in Satellite. He first appeared in the fist episode dueling Mukuro Enjo in a Riding Duel and wons. He appears to be overconfident in his duels and mostly declares himself as the only 'King of Duelists'.

When Yusei challenges Jack to a Riding Duel for his 'Stardust Dragon' card, Jack accepts and brings him to the 'Duel Stadium', with Rex Goodwin, Lazar, and Mina watching them in the monitor room. After the Crimson Dragon appeared in the middle of the duel, both Jack and Yusei fell off from their D-Wheel and were surprised as they revealed to each other their dragon mark. After the incident from the 'Duel Stadium', he found out that Rex had been watching his duel with Yusei, and after Jack saw the last card he played ("Meteor Stream"), Jack believed that he had lost to Yusei. Jack Atlas's demeanor is comparable to that of the first series' Seto Kaiba a cold, self-centered character who only seem to cares about his own gain.

He faced Yusei at the end of the Fortune Cup and lost the duel. When asking Yusei how he could lose to him twice, Yusei replied to him that his pride of being King is what led him to his defeat. Jack is currently resting in the hospital, with Mina waiting outside his hospital bedroom.


Jack was once one of Yusei's friends and lived in the Satellite Ghetto with them, although it is ambiguous if Jack really treated or thought of them as friends at all. After Yusei made his first Duel Runner, Jack took interest in it and claimed it for himself after he accepted a deal with Lazar and at the same time, taking the latter's "Stardust Dragon" with him. He then became the Riding Dueling Champion and moved into the compound of Rex Goodwin who tries to conceal Jack's origins from the public. As the former King of Duelists, he is adored by the New Domino City public.

Dragon Mark

Like Yusei, Jack is one of the "Signers" with a Dragon's Birthmark in the shape of the Crimson Dragon's Wings on his right arm. When Yusei ventures off into New Domino City to take back his "Stardust Dragon" card, he and Jack have a rematch, but it is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious red dragon. He later learns from Goodwin that he is a "Signer", a savior predicted to prevent the resurrection of a dark god by a pre-Incan civilization. Although conflicted about maintaining his title even though he technically lost to Yusei, Jack forces himself to obey Goodwin in hopes of truly validating his title by defeating Yusei in the Fortune Cup and gives Stardust Dragon back to Yusei.


Jack's deck focuses on quickly Synchro summoning his ace monster "Red Dragon Archfiend" and mainly devotes its resources to performing grandiose displays with the purpose of making duels more entertaining for the audience. He also plays monsters that focus on dealing Piercing Damage, or generally speaking, as seen in the namesake of his deck, punishing defensive play.


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