The Itsekiri (also called the Jekri, Isekiri or Ishekiri) are an ethnic group of Nigeria's Niger delta area, particularly the city of Warri. The Itsekiri number roughly 450,000 people.

In the fifteenth century, the Itsekiri adopted a prince from the Kingdom of Benin as a monarch, and quickly coalesced into a kingdom under his rule. Traditionally fishermen and traders, the Itsekiri were among the first in the region to make contact with Portuguese traders. These interactions led the Itsekiri to become primarily Roman Catholic. The Itsekiri monarchy has continued to the present day, with the coronation of Ogiame Atuwatse II in 1987. The itsekiri, though small in numbers are considered to be a highly educated ethnic group and endowed with a rich cultural heritage.

Itsekiri include some communities, one of them is Ugborodo1.

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1 "CRY, MY BELOVED UGBORODO" A Diary of a Painful Visit to Itsekiri Homeland Made Desolate By Oil Pollution and Inter-Ethnic Conflict By Oritsegbemi O. Omatete

The men wear a long sleeved shirt called a Kemeje, tie a george around their waist and wear a cap with a feather stuck to it. The women wear a blouse and also tie a george around their waist. They are mainly found in delta state.

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