Integrated Device Technology

IDT was founded in 1980 as a semiconductor vendor. Employing approximately 2500 people worldwide, headquartered in San Jose, California and operating a fab in Hillsboro, Oregon, the company both designs and fabricates semiconductor components. IDT operates in two business segments: Communications and High-Performance Logic and Static Random Access Memories (SRAMs). The Communications and High-Performance Logic segment includes FIFOs and multi-ports. The SRAMs segment consists of high-speed SRAMs.

Historically IDT manufactured MIPS processors developed by QED and also for a while its own x86 processor designed by its Centaur Technology subsidiary called the IDT WinChip. On September, 1999 IDT sold Centaur Technology x86 microprocessor design subsidiary to VIA Technologies.

On April, 1999 IDT acquired Quality Semiconductor (QSI) a supplier of clock management and bus switch logic.

On May, 2004, IDT acquired ZettaCom, Inc.

On Jun, 2005 IDT acquired Integrated Circuit Systems (ICS) for about $1.5 billion in cash and stock.

On October, 2005 IDT acquired Freescale Semiconductor's timing solutions business for $35 million.

In July, 2006 IDT acquired the PC Audio division of Austin-based company SigmaTel for $80 million.

One current speciality of the company are devices for network processing, in particular packet inspection products for firewalls. In October 2002 IDT acquired Solidum Systems, a maker of network search element devices

Another high-profile product is IDT's implementation of the Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB), an integral part of the Fully Buffered DIMM memory architecture.

Company shares are publicly traded under the Nasdaq symbol IDTI and value the company at approximately 1 billion dollars at the beginning of 2005.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Integrated Device Technology threatened the State of California that the company would move out-of-state if a ballot was passed on a measure called "Proposition 211" which was designed to introduce extra corporate oversight prior to the scandals of the late 1990s and early 21st century1. The proposition was subsequently defeated by 25.6% to 74.4%2.


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