Indymedia (Independent Media Centre Ireland) is the web-presence of an Irish group of left-wing media activists that are affiliated to the world-wide Indymedia network. It operates on the principles of Open publishing and the Creative Commons. Contributions that adhere to the publishing guidelines are made by anyone that has pictures, audio, or text to contribute and are published immediately. Comments against the tenor of an accepted article are often edited out within minutes. About 6 editors are active and publish reasons for each edit. The underlying idea of the site is to allow publishing of information without the intervention of "professionals" or other opinion shapers. The site has been the host of several media-scoops which were missed by mainstream media, most notably that of the footage showing an attack by the Gardaí on peaceful Reclaim the Streets carnival-goers.

Censorship of user comments on has been reported, those who do not hold the same view as the site editors rare;y do not have their comments posted. This has lead to alleged biased opinion of all comments allowed on the site.


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