PT Indosat , Tbk was established in 1967 as a foreign investment company to provide international telecommunications services in Indonesia, commencing its operations in 1969 with the inauguration of the Jatiluhur earth station. In1980, the Government of Indonesia acquired all of the shares of Indosat, which then became a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE). In 1994, Indosat listed its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, the Surabaya Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, achieving the distinction of being the first SOE to be listed overseas. From 1969 until 1990, Indosat provided switched and non-switched international telecommunications services, including international direct dialling telephony, international data network communications, international leased lines and international television transmission services. Entering the 21st century and in keeping with the global trends, the Government of Indonesia decided to deregulate the national telecommunications sector, opening it up to free market competition. From 2001, all cross-ownerships between Indosat and the domestic telecommunications provider, Telkom, have been eliminated, whereas the exclusivity rights of the two telecommunications service providers will be terminated in several stages. Indosat pursued a main course of development of its cellular business starting in the mid 90's. In 2001, we established PT Indosat Multi Media Mobile (IM3), followed by acquiring full control of PT Satelit Palapa Indonesia, thus making IndosatGroup the second largest cellular operator in Indonesia. At the end of 2002, the Government of Indonesia undertook a 41.94% divestment of its shares in Indosat to Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte. Ltd. through the holding company of Indonesia Communications Limited. With this divestment, Indosat is once again a foreign investment company, offering full fledged, integrated network and services in information and communication solutions. On November 2003, following the signing of the Merger Deed to merge Satelindo, IM3 and Bimagraha into Indosat, Indosat emerges as a cellular focused Full Network Service Provider (FNSP). By consolidating its cellular, fixed telecommunications and MIDI services into a single organization, Indosat is well-positioned to be the telecommunication service provider with the comprehensive range of products offering in Indonesia . This was followed by a comprehensive transformation program, launched in 2004, encompassing in human resouces, technology, platform and corporate culture and values. The transformation has started to demonstrate encouraging results as the company posted record revenues that surpassed Rp 10 trilion threshold and increased in margin its 10th year as a publicly listed company. Indosat is the second largest mobile operator with 16.704.639 subscriber base by the end 2006. Indosat launched its 3.5G for the Jakarta and Surabaya regions in November 29, 2006. Indosat 3.5G in the intermediate generation of the 3G technology, which enables subscribers to enjoy better quality voice, video or hifh speed data/internet access of up to 3.6 Mbit/s or around 9 times faster than standard 3G service. All Indosat node B has utilized the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology. Indosat is the first 3G operator , which fully adopt the HSDPA technology base in Indonesia. On December 15, 2006, Indosat has accepted 2 channels no. 589 and 630 on its 800 MHz frequency band to operate Local Wireless Fixed Telecommunication Network in Jabotabek area. Following the approval of these 2 channels, Indosat will continue to expense local wireless fixed telecommunication services in Jabotabek area and continue to develop cellular services thoughout Indonesia.

2007 was one of Indosat’s best years ever in terms of operational results, network expansion and enhancement, product and service innovation, and customer service delivery. Our cellular customer has achieved 24.5 million subscribers and served with 10.760 numbers of BTS in all over the nation. Indosat also committed to applying principles of good corporate governance towards the highest standard. We will continue to develop and promote growth for the company in 2008. With our strong brand in the market and improved network coverage, we are confident we can maintain our growth momentum.

Product and Services


Matrix (GSM Postpaid) Enter the new dimensions of mobile communications and enjoy more flexible lifestyle with higher mobility. Feel the difference with Matrix. Enjoy faster connection, wider coverage, clearer signal and voice quality as well as 3G access. Matrix comes with a bigger SIM Card capacity and powerful, sophisticated menu browser that will bring you to a new dimension of Personal Data Communication. Matrix network covers world five continents, which enables you to bring Matrix abroad and all over Indonesia.

Matrix network covers world five continents, which enables you to bring Matrix abroad and all over Indonesia. Matrix, your mobile partner! Enjoy Matrix's complete features: 1. High speed Internet: A High speed Internet access using 3G/3.5G network. 2. M-Banking: Feel the power of mobile banking in the palm of your hand. 3. 3G Services: Join the exciting world of Video Call, Video Dating, Mobile TV, and many more. Activate your 3G : Type “3G” and send it to 777. 4. International Roaming: Even when you’re outside Indonesia, you can still simply enjoy our voice communication and Internet access. 5. Flatcall 01016: Make a cost-savvy International call to any country around the globe, just dial: 01016 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number. 6. Poin Plus-Plus: Keep collecting the points and grab the chance to win a Jaguar and thousands of other prizes. You can also trade in your points directly with bill discount, I-Ring SMS and other merchants in MORE network.

Mentari (GSM Prepaid) Use Mentari now! Making local calls or long distance calls is now simpler, more convenience and cheap. Mentari is one of the pre-paid GSM services issued by Indosat that can be used through out Indonesia. Mentari can even be used for international roaming in many countries. Various facilities provided to give you a simple and comfortable way to communicate. Mentari card holds on to the value of Trust, Family, and Economy, with complete features and services.

IM3 (GSM Prepaid) It’s all capital FUN using IM3, for IM3 is Indosat’s multimedia GSM card with fun services and the cheapest tariff. Not only can you make/receive calls and SMS, you can also create your own blog, send MMS, make Video Calls and many more! Every 10 SMS sent gives you 10 free SMS! IM3 card can be used not only throughout Indonesia, but also worldwide roaming. IM3, SMS made cheap, calling also cheap. Blackberry from Matrix Always On, Always Connected Matrix BlackBerry is another boundless access service for your business communication from Indosat. Powered by the GPRS/3G data transfer technology, Matrix BlackBerry is the right choice for mobile e-mail access. Indosat is proud to be the first Indonesian operator to offer the service.

The Business is Yours We put your business in the palm of your hand. Keep being productive while on the go with features like real-time email, organizer, and multimedia services. BlackBerry from Matrix helps you taking control of your business matters, anywhere and anytime.

Indosat 3.5G Broadband Indosat 3.5G Broadband now arrives, a mobile wireless telecommunication service with 3.5G technology (GSM/UMTS/HSDPA). Internet activities such as e-mail, chatting, downloading, blogging, browsing, etc get more flexible with high speed access up to 18 Mbit/s by installing Indosat Accelerator Client at You can enjoy Indosat 3.5G Broadband service in Jabotabek area, Balikpapan, Banda Aceh, Bandung, Batam, Cilacap, Cepu, Denpasar, Jepara, Kudus, magelang, Makassar, Medan, Salatiga, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Coming soon to other cities!


Lintasarta A provider of high speed data communications and integrated services and a pioneers of corporate network services with wide coverage across Indonesia.

Indosat M2 One of the pioneers in developing multimedia and internet services that provide extensive services in developing and applying them throughout Indonesia.

Indosat Corporate An integrated telecommunications service for corporate that offer solutions: voice, mobile, connectivity and VAS & hosting, to enhance the business operation.

FIXED VOICE SERVICES (FIXEC TELECOMMUNICATIONS) 008 SLI and Indosat SLI 001 International call with premium quality of services to all countries

Indosat Flat Call 01016 International call to all countries at a budget flat tariff.

StarOne (CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid) StarOne is a wireless network of voice and data telecommunication using CDMA 2000 1X technology. StarOne offers the combination of fixed phone service (PRTN) and mobile.

Jagoan StarOne A prepaid CDMA service that provides super-economical calls.

Subsidiary Companies

PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta Lintasarta is 72.36% owned by Indosat and it provides high-speed data communications services and corporate network services.

PT Indosat Mega Media IndosatM2 is 99.85% owned by Indosat and provides Multimedia and Internet services, including Cable TV, IP-based multimedia, Internet, and IP-based LAN & WAN network communications services.

Indosat Finance Company B. V. (“IFB”) (Non-Operational) IFB was incorporated in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on October 2003. IFB is a wholly-owned financing company that facilitates the company’s financing activities. In 2003, IFB issued guaranteed notes which are due in 2010.

Indosat International Finance Company B. V. (“IIFB”) (Non-Operational) IIFB was incorporated in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on April 2005. IIFB is wholly-owned financing company that facilitates the company’s financing activities.. In 2005, IIFB issued guaranteed notes which are due in 2012.

Indosat Singapore PTE. LTD. (“ISP”) ISP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indosat was incorporated in Singapore on December 21, 2005. It provides telecommunications services.

Acasia Communications SDN. BHD. (“Acasia) Indosat hold 12.80% share in Acasia, a joint venture of several leading telecommunications operators in the ASEAN Region, as part of the implementation of their mutual commitment in the ASEAN Telecom Holding Sdn Bhd. Acasia is primarily engaged in corporate telecommunications services and other related services.

Asean Cableship PTE. LTD (“ACPL”) ACPL is owned equally (16.67) by ASEAN International telecommunications entities, including Indosat. ACPL provides services related to the repair and maintenance of submarine cables, and currently operates three chartered cable ships based in Singapore.

ASEAN Telecom Holdings SDN. BHD. (“ATH”) ATH was incorporate as a holding company in Malaysia, in 1995 by five telecommunications carries of in ASEAN. Indosat holds 14.29% of ATH’ shares. PT StarOne Mitra Telekomunikasi (“SMT”) SMT was incorporated on June 15, 2006 to support the construction and operation of fixed wireless access network using Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 2000-1x technology in Central Java and its surroundings. Indosat holds 55.36% shares in SMT.

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