Igor Cassina

Igor Cassina (born August 15, 1977 in Seregno, Province of Milan) is an Italian gymnast who won gold in the men's horizontal bar at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. This competition saw a crowd protest over a low score for a routine by Alexei Nemov of Russia, which lasted for fifteen minutes until the score was raised. Despite this atmosphere, Cassina performed his exercise without major error, and he took the gold medal over Paul Hamm of the U.S., even though they tied.

Igor Cassina had already entered the history of gymnastics before winning the Olympic gold. He was the first ever to perform a giant Kovacs straight with 1/1 turn (also known as a Kõlman in the straight position), which the International Gymnastics Federation decided to name Cassina after him as from 2002.


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