I Miss You (Björk song)

"I Miss You" is a song by Björk, the sixth and final single release from her 1995 album Post. Oddly, it is amongst her least-well performing singles in the UK, but it hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. The lyrics describe Bjork already knowing who her perfect lover will be, even though she hasn't yet met him.

Music video

The music video for "I Miss You" was animated and directed by John Kricfalusi of Spümcø, best known for the Ren and Stimpy cartoons, which Björk admired. Björk has ginger hair in both the animated and live parts of the video. One of Kricfalusi's characters, Jimmy the Idiot Boy, joins her during various parts of the video. Another Kricfalusi character, George Liquor, makes a cameo in one scene. The video is generally surreal, sexual, and bizarre.

Track listings


  1. "I Miss You" - 4:00
  2. "I Miss You" [Dobie's Rub Part Two - It's a Hip-Hop Thing] - 5:38
  3. "I Miss You" [Darren Emerson Underwater Mix] - 9:29
  4. "Karvel" (4:28)


  1. "I Miss You" [Dobie's Rub Part One - Sunshine Mix] - 5:34
  2. "Hyper-Ballad" [LFO] - 4:16
  3. "Violently Happy" [Live] - 6:17
  4. "Headphones" [Mika Vainio Remix] - 6:16


  • Darren Emerson Underwater mix
  • Dobie's Rub Part One - Sunshine mix
  • Dobie's Rub Part Two - It's a Hip Hop Thing
  • Photek mix
  • RH Factor Beats mix
  • RH Factor Lovely mix
  • RH Factor Radio edit
  • RH Factor Ugly mix


Chart Peak
UK Singles Chart 36
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play 1

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