Kingston–Throop Avenues (IND Fulton Street Line)

Kingston–Throop Avenues is a station on the IND Fulton Street Line of the New York City Subway, located on Fulton Street between Kingston and Throop Avenues in the Weeksville neighborhood of Brooklyn.

This station is a local station with two offset side platforms. The Manhattan-bound platform has exits to Throop Avenue, while the Queens-bound platform has exits to Kingston Avenue. Fare control along with 24-hour exits is available on both sides.

This station is the site of the 1995 murder of token booth clerk, Harry Kaufman. Robbers squirted accelerant into the booth and set the fumes alight with a match causing an explosion that blew out the glass and deformed the booth. The incident drew national attention due to allegations that the movie Money Train inspired the murder. The allegations were unfounded and the movie's producer, Columbia Pictures, claimed that the scenes were inspired by an actual event in 1988 where a token booth clerk was killed in the same fashion.

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