Hwaseong, Gyeonggi

Hwaseong is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It has the largest area of farmland of any city or county in Gyeonggi province. Seoul Subway Line 1 passes through Hwaseong, stopping at Byeongjeom Station. Famous people from Hwaseong include soccer player Cha Bum-Kun.


Hwaseong city is located in the western area of the Korean Peninsula. The temperatures in winter are low along the coast since it is located in the lower plains and close to the inland West Sea where the water level is shallow. Additionally, Siberian air flows directly into the western flatlands of the Korean peninsula, making several areas colder.


Hwaseong city is a self-reliant economic city, and the key point of advanced industry positioned with 4,947 companiens including 17 large companies such as Samsung Semiconductor, Hyundai and KIA Motors.

Universal Studio

On November 27, 2007 the city was chosen as the site for the future Universal Studios South Korea theme park, set to open in 2012. The USD $3.1 billion park is expected to create at least 58,000 new jobs.


In order to foster marine leisure industry as new growth engineto become a hub city of marine tourism of west coastal area, Gyeonggi Province is going to hold the 'Korea International Boat Show', in which 200 marine leisure industries from home and abroad will participate, and the 'World Match Racing Tour Korea Match Cup', in wwhich 12 yacht team from abroad will participate. The events held at Jeongok harbor, and the marine leisure zone of Jebu Island In june 2008.

Local products

Lots of special products sell in the Hwaseong area that are different from other regions of Gyeonggi-do. There are many facilities growing products ranging from honey melons to herbs. Additionally, dairy products are also available including meats, eggs, and milk. Hangwa is also made by local companies as a speciality.

Return of US rifle range

A US camp was located in the Maehyang-ri(township) of Hwaseong and used as the US air army's gunshot place for 54 years.

The public first welcomed the decision and urged the Korean government to reveal its environmental status. However, bind shells turned out to be buried around its area. Additionally, the degree of pollution is very serious according to local environmental NGOs. In the case of lead, the concentration is more than 34 times that of normal soil. Many people have expressed anger considering this situation as deceiving the Korean people.


  • Flower : Forsythia
  • Tree : Ginko
  • Bird : Pigeon

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