Hurontario Street

Hurontario Street is a roadway running in Ontario, Canada between Lake Ontario at Mississauga and Lake Huron's Georgian Bay at Collingwood.

In the south, this was Highway 10 running between Port Credit (Lakeshore Road) and Orangeville. In the centre (Dufferin County), a concession road just east of the present highway between Orangeville and Highway 89 near Shelburne, and in the north, the former Highway 24 (now Dufferin Road 124 and Simcoe Road 124) between Shelburne and Collingwood.

Within much of the city of Brampton, this road is known as Main Street.

Hurontario is one of the busiest transit corridors in the '905 Region' of the Greater Toronto Area. A Light rail transit line is tentatively planned to be built along the street in Mississauga, while Brampton is planning a bus rapid transit line along its stretch of Hurontario and Main Streets.


The street is commonly referred to solely as "Highway 10" by traffic reporters, and even by residents in the cities of Mississauga and Brampton (with the exception of the latter's downtown area), rather than by its street names — a situation made even more peculiar by the fact that the provincial highway designation is defunct in these cities. The most likely reason for this is that the areas along the road were developed during the suburban era after its identity as a highway was firmly entrenched. The Ministry of Transportation's traffic camera continues to identify Hurontario as "Hwy 10" as well. However, the street name predominates in Collingwood.

In Mississauga and Brampton, the construction of Highway 410 (as well as the road's increasingly suburban nature) was responsible for the removal of provincial highway status, which is now connected to Mississauga by Highway 403.

The intersection of Hurontario and Dundas is also known as 5 and 10, a reference to the former highway numbers of the two streets.

In Dufferin County north of Orangeville, Highway 10 deviates from the original Hurontario Street routing, and utilizes First Line WHS (West of Hurontario Street) between Highways 9 and 89. This is because the Hurontario Street's route through Dufferin County is very hilly, and is not continuous.

Attractions and institutions along Hurontario Street

Attractions and institutions along Hurontario Street in urban Peel Region) include:


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