Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve

Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve was a two hour pay-per-view special that aired on New Year's Eve 1993 and New Year's Day 1994 and was hosted by radio talk show host Howard Stern. Included in the show were parodies of Michael Jackson and Jerry Seinfeld, a song by Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate called "Doing the Bababooey," and a mock beauty pageant resulting in the crowning of the show's first Miss Howard Stern. The celebrity judges for the pageant were Janis Ian, Daniel Carver, John Bobbitt, Sherman Hemsley, Mark Hamill, Tiny Tim and Joe Frazier.

Around 40+ women and one man participated in the pageant (staged in Newark, New Jersey) most of whom were winners from preliminary contests held in cities where Stern's show was broadcast. The field was narrowed down to 20. The contestants then competed in the lingerie and talent competition. Five finalists were announced and after an interview portion, the runner-ups and winner were announced.

During the pageant, there were many sentiments made among the contestants about favoritism given to certain girls, notably Debbie Tay, because they were handpicked by Stern on his radio show (and during the New York preliminary pageant) and were given more attention and exposure.

Notable Contestants

The pageant itself featured many individuals who would go on to become notorious regulars on Stern's radio show. They include:

  • Elaine Marks, winner of the pageant. She claimed she appeared in Playboy Magazine and left her husband shortly after her victory.
  • Debbie the Space Alien, who finished at second place. She committed suicide in 1995 by overdosing on heroin. She was a lesbian and believed she was visited by aliens.
  • Elaina Beastie placed third in the pageant. Elaina is a stripper/dominatrix for whom "pain is pleasure". She had her tongue pierced during the New York preliminary competition for the pageant and later returned to the show and changed a man's diaper.
  • Heather Barrett, the "Erotic Poet", was a secretary who recited "erotic" poetry. She placed fourth.
  • Miriam, "Miss Frigging Foreigner", placed 5th. Hailing from Czechoslovakia, Miriam did not hide her disappointment and disgust when she was named a runner-up instead of the winner. Unlike most of the other contestants, Miriam actually had a "real" talent; she was a gifted gymnast.
  • Tabboo, "Miss Gender Confused" was the only male contestant of the pageant. Tabboo is notable for his hairy bottom during the lingerie competition and his song during the talent portion of the pageant: "It's NATURAL! It's NATURAL! T-A-double-B double-O oooh one-calorie TABBOO!" When he didn't make the top 5, he flipped the bird.
  • Nicole Bass, the "World's Largest Female Body Builder". Her muscular build and deep voice prompted questions about her gender.
  • Rowa, "Miss Fried Egg Tits", was notable for her thin build, scraggly auburn hair, pale pasty skin, and habitual drunkenness. Rowa played the guitar and sang "Fuck the President, fuck him in the ass".
  • Vanessa Warner, "Miss Ice Cream Sundae", was a tall shapely brunette who spent the night before the pageant in the hospital after she passed out from her rigorous diet regime. Her talent was to pour ice cream all over herself.
  • Candace St. Clare, "Miss Goodhead", was a sultry blonde whose talent was to masturbate on stage.
  • An anonymous woman, who withdrew from the contest, yet still achieved a high degree of notoriety. Her talent was spraying breast milk. She had previously competed in Howard's "Hooters for the Who" contest and withdrew from that also.

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