Hornby, New Zealand

Hornby is a major residential and retail suburb at the western edge of Christchurch, New Zealand. It is located on an important road junction connecting State Highways 1 and 73A at the start of the central Christchurch by-pass. To the west, State Highway 1 continues, gradually veering southward on its passage to Dunedin and other points south.

Hornby contains a large retail mall named 'The Hub Hornby' which is the westernmost within the Christchurch urban area. The suburb - which could almost be considered a town in its own right - is separated from the heart of the city by Wigram aerodrome and the industrial estates of Sockburn to the east. Hornby is home to a velodrome and a BMX track. It has annually hosted the "Westside Party in the Park" for the last several years.

The Hornby area contains seven schools: South Hornby Primary, Hornby Primary, Gilberthorpes Primary, Sockburn Primary, St. Bernadettes, Branston Intermediate and Hornby High School

Singer Bic Runga was raised in Hornby. Singer Anika Moa was also raised in Hornby, and attended Hornby High School.

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