Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival, 1919-2008, New Zealand mountain climber and explorer. He went on many mountain-climbing expeditions before 1953, when he and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal were the first people to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. He was later knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. In 1958, leading a five-person group by dog sled and snow tractor across 1,200 mi (1,931 km) of Antarctica to the South Pole, he became part of the first group since 1912 to reach the Pole by overland route. In 1960 he embarked on a search for the abominable snowman. A year later he suffered a mild cerebral stroke while climbing Mt. Makalu (27,790 ft; 8,470 m) in Nepal. He served as New Zealand's high commissioner (ambassador) to India, Bangladesh, and Nepal from 1985 to 1988. His works include High Adventure (1955), the story of his Everest climb, and No Latitude for Error (1961), which recounts the South Pole expedition.

Hillary or Hilary is a given and family name, derived from the Latin hilarius meaning cheerful. Historically, the spelling Hilary has generally been used for men and Hillary for women, though there are exceptions, some of which are noted below. In modern times it has drastically declined in popularity as a name for men.

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