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High Storrs School (Sheffield)

High Storrs is a secondary comprehensive school on the south-western outskirts of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. High Storrs has a Sixth Form and is a specialist Arts College in the Performing Arts, with a second specialism in Maths and Computing.


The school opened on March 10 1880 as the Central Higher Grade School in the centre of Sheffield, and re-located to its present site in the 1933. The association for former pupils retains this historical connection in its name, the Old Centralians.

The building housed two separate grammar schools from the 1940s to 1968: High Storrs Grammar School for Boys, and High Storrs Grammar School for Girls. These were merged into a single comprehensive school, starting in September 1969.

On June 28 2008 an event was held to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the school on its present site, with past pupils invited back to the school.

The present

The current head is Michael J. Chapman who started in January 2006; he replaced the previous head, Miss E M Talmadge, who left in 2005 to work in a federation of schools in Leeds.

Mr. Chris French, Deputy Head when Miss E M Talmadge was headmistress, filled in as acting head for the short period of time in which the school was in search for a replacement. There were 1588 pupils on roll in 2005, of whom 397 were in the Sixth Form.

The following is a list of the teachers whom make up the High Storrs leadership team. These teachers help maintain the running of the school in the various areas, as well as continuing their teaching duties. They are as follows:

·Mr. M Chapman   - Headmaster
·Mrs. R Paul     - Deputy Headmistress (R.E)
·Mr. R Everitt   - Deputy Headmaster (R.E, Latin)
·Mrs. C Pender   - Assistant Headmistress (Drama)
·Mrs. Raven      - Assistant Headmistress (Learning Support)
·Mrs. J Bonner   - Head of 6th Form (Geography)
·Mr. J Byers    - Assistant Head of 6th Form (Chemistry)
 Mrs. S O'Connor - Head Of Key Stage 4
 Mrs. C Gott - Head Of Key Stage 3
·Mr. J Lockwood - Head of Montgomery house (Geography)
·Mr. T Pace     - Head of Crucible house (History)
·Mr. M Fahidi  - Head of Merlin house (Maths)
·Mrs. K Dobson  - Head of Lyceum house (MFL)


Recently, the traditional "Key Stage" system was radically changed to the Vertical System, where instead of year groups, there are houses with ten forms to each house. The forms of thirty have six pupils of every year (not including sixth form) in each. This system is meant to reduce bullying and encourage friendships with pupils of different ages. The four houses are named after the main four theatres in Sheffield: Montgomery, Crucible, Lyceum and Merlin. Sixth form students are also attached to a vertical form for organisational and mentoring purposes; typically three sixth formers are attached to one form.

Exam pass rate

In 2007 62% of pupils who took GCSE exams achieved the standard of 5 A*-C grades, including Maths and English. This is above both the Local Authority average of 39.9% and the national average of 46.7%..

The average points score for AS and A2 Level students was 776.1, also above the national average of 731.1..

This graph above shows the recent GCSE performance (i.e. the percentage of students gaining 5A*-C grades) at High Storrs School over the last four years. It is worth noting that from 2006 that the standard of 5A*-Cs had to include English and Maths unlike previous years. This led to a slight drop in the performance as shown by the graph.

School renovation

Almost £27 million has been allocated for a complete refurbishment and remodelling of the school, of which £2 million will be spent on ICT equipment. Preparatory work on the field ready for the new temporary teaching rooms began in July 2008. Demolition of the 1960s extensions to the north of the school will start at the end of the 2008 academic year, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2011.

As the school is a Grade II listed building, any refurbishment of the main building will have to take place inside a 'shell' of the former school. For this reason, with the exception of elaborate extensions, the school will look predominately the same externally. A new extension will be built at the north end of the building to replace the old dining rooms, school hall and performing arts block, whilst a second extension will be built at a later date to replace the 1960s addtions at the south end of the school.

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