Hazro, Punjab

Hazro (حضرو) is a town located at North-West of the country in Attock District of the Punjab province Pakistan. It is located approximately half-way between Peshawar and Islamabad; the federal capital. This town is capital of Hazro Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district, and the central marketplace of Chachh region consisting of 82 villages located at northern shores of renowned Indus River.

The vast majority of people speak Hindko with a specific dialect influenced by Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi. Pashto is another predominately spoken at near by villages such as, Behboodi and Nartopa.


The exact location of Hazro can be specified as, 7km off the Pindi-Peshawar GT road (northwards). Hazro is located at the edge of NWFP - Punjab boarder and being a central town of the Chachh region it has been the centre of attraction. It is located 20.4 kilometres from Attock city and 22.9 kilometres from Topi (North-West Frontier).


According to the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi, Hazro was "The scene of the greatbattle in which, in AD 1008, Sultan Mahmud Ghazni defeated the united forces of the Rajas of Hindustan and the infidels of the Punjab with a slaughter of 20000 men, it was afterwards fixed upon by some of the Pathan followers of that chieftain to be the site of the colony.

During British Rule the town of Hazro became part of Attock Tehsil, the municipality of Attock was created in 1867 and the North-Western Railway connected the town to Lawrencepur. By the 20th century the town was surrounded by rich cultivation, and had a flourishing trade, chiefly in tobacco and sugar. The population according to the 1901 census of India was 9,799. According to the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi, Hazro had a significant Hindu population which was "half Pathan, half Hindu.

Villages around Hazro

Chachh; being an historic region contains several historical landscape buildings and architectural monuments. For-example, Mithi Jamia Masjid in Shaamsabad (7km from Hazro) is almost 300 yrs old. A brief summary of the location and distance of other small towns and villages from Harzo includes;

  • Dhok Shah Dher 2.3284 km.
  • Shah Dher 2.9677 km.
  • Rahmun 0.4735 km.
  • Bhangi 0.7459 km.
  • Pirdad 0.7807 km.
  • Shahbazgarhi 0.9166 km.
  • Mararia 1.5663 km.
  • Paihti 1.7455 km.
  • Pathi 1.7455 km.
  • Lakori Tatari 2.077 km.
  • Pandak 1.7766 km.
  • Pirzai 1.9824 km.
  • Pinjwana 2.2101 km.
  • Garhi Alizai 2.2688 km.
  • Khagwane 2.3025 km.
  • Khagwani 2.3025 km.
  • Nartopa 2.4345 km.
  • Kalu Kalan 2.4912 km.
  • Shirani 2.5617 km.
  • Sarwana 2.5723 km.
  • Kamal Pur Alam (The Barakzai's village)
  • Dhok Khagwani 2.6578 km.
  • Bandawali Dad 2.8513 km.
  • Musa 2.966 km.
  • Darya 3.1908 km.
  • Mian Shin Baba 3.5757 km.
  • Kudlathi 3.7299 km.
  • Behboodi 3.7685 km.
  • Shahid Baba 3.8262 km.
  • Chechi 4.1024 km.
  • Khalilpura 4.1981 km.
  • Saman 4.3452 km.
  • Bahadur Khan 4.3859 km.
  • Lokori 4.4519 km.
  • Tatari 4.4519 km.
  • Malak Mala 4.6081 km.
  • Yasin Kalan 4.6881 km.
  • Yasin 4.6881 km.
  • Barazai 4.7101 km.
  • Hamid 4.7177 km.
  • Shinka 4.9852 km.
  • Jalalia 4-5 km
  • Chalghazi Baba 5.0447 km.
  • Mian Khadi Baba 5.1328 km.
  • Bara 5.1902 km.
  • Allo 5.1989 km.
  • Alloo 5.1989 km.
  • Chach 5.386 km.
  • Adalzai 5.5591 km.
  • Chauthali 5.7042 km.
  • Saiden 5.7955 km.
  • Saiden 5.7955 km.
  • SalimKhan & Azghar 5.4955 km.
  • Ghorghushti 7 km.
  • Waisa 9 km
  • Rangoo 9.5km
  • Shadi Khan 10 km
  • Haider Khurd 12 km
  • Malla Kalyaan 7 km


The people of Hazro take great interest in sports including, cricket, football and Badminton.

Industrial Background

Historically, Hazro is an agricultural town. During last five decades the industry has also flourished on competitive scale. The town is famous about its shoe and tobacco related products manufacturing industries. Also, there are some floor mills and timber processing plants to meet the needs of its limited timber and furniture industry.

Educational system

The educational system is based upon public and private schooling. Parents can choose from either good English medium (expensive) private schools or free Urdu medium public. Government of Punjab funded and established a Government degree college in early 1990s to facilitate the need of higher education in the region.


Weekly Teesra Rukh

Weekly Attock Times

Weekly Fikr-e-Watan

Banks and Financial institutions

Most of the public and private financial institutions/banks have their branches in Hazro. The most recent entry is of the Bank Alfalah's first branch opening with facilities such as, ATM, money gram, current accounts, deposit accounts and rental cars.


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