Hamura, Tokyo

Hamura (羽村市; -shi) is a city located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. It flanks the Tama River about 30 miles (50 km) upriver from the mouth. It has boundaries with Tokyo communities Ōme on the north and west, Mizuho on the east, Fussa on the south, and Akiruno on the west.

As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 56,091 and the density of 5,660.04 persons per km². The total area is 9.91 km².

Hamura Station and Ozaku Station on the JR Ome Line serve Hamura.

The Tamagawa Josui, an artificial waterway completed in 1653 to divert water from the Tama River and carry it as drinking water to Edo, begins in Hamura.

On April 1, 1889, several villages (one of which was named Hane-mura) merged to form Nishitama Village in Nishitama District, at that time part of Kanagawa Prefecture.

On April 1, 1893, Nishitama District was transferred to Tokyo Prefecture.

In 1956, it became the town of Hamura, Nishitama District.

On November 1, 1991, it became a city.

Several companies have light industrial or logistical facilities in Hamura. Hino Motors and Toyota have a plant and test track in the city.

The J-Pop singing duet Cazacy calls Hamura home.


Hamura operates public elementary and junior high schools.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education operates Hamura High School

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