HLA-C belongs to the MHC (human = HLA) class I heavy chain receptors. The C receptor is a heterodimer consisting of a HLA-C mature gene product and β2-microglobulin. The mature C chain is anchored in the membrane. MHC Class I molecules, like HLA-C, are expressed in nearly all cells, and present small peptides to the immune system which surveys for non-self peptides.

HLA-C is a locus on chromosome 6 that encodes for a large number of HLA-C alleles that are Class-I MHC receptors. HLA-C is localized proximal to the HLA-B locus is located on the distal end of the HLA region. Most HLA Cw:B haplotypes are in strong linkage disequilibrium and many are as ancient as the human species itself.

Disease Associations

By Serotype

Cw1: Multinodular goiters

By Allele

Cw*16: B chronic lymphocytic leukaemia



  • Cw1 Serotype: Cw*0102 and Cw*0109
  • Cw11 ?
  • Cw*0104 to *0108


  • Cw2 Serotype: Cw*0202 and *0208
  • Cw*0203 to *0207, and 0209


  • Cw9 Serotype: Cw*0303
  • Cw10 Serotype: Cw*0302, *0304, and *0306
  • Cw3 Serotype: Cw*0307
  • Cw*0305 and 0308


  • Cw4 Serotype: Cw*0401, *0407, and *0410


  • Cw5 Serotype: Cw*0501 and *0502
  • Cw*0503 to *506 and *0508 to *0510


  • Cw6 Serotype: Cw*0602 and *0605
  • Cw6*0603, *0604 and *0606 to *0611

  • Cw7 Serotype: Cw*0701 to *0706, *0712, *0714, *0716
  • Cw*0707 to *0711, *0713, *0715, and *0717 to *0729


  • Cw8 Serotype: Cw*0801, *0802 and *0803
  • Cw*805 to *0812

Cw*1202 to *1215

Cw*1402 to *1405

Cw*1501 to *1511

Cw*1601 to *1606

Cw*1701 to *1703

Cw*1801 and *1802

Common Haplotype

Cw4-B35 (Western Africa to Native Americans) Cw7-B7 (Western Eurasia, South Africa) Cw7-B8 (Western Eurasia) Cw1-B46 (China, Indochina) Cw5-B44 (Western Eurasia)


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