HBV hydrology model

The HBV hydrology model, or Hydrologiska Byråns Vattenbalansmodell, is a computer simulation used to analyze river discharge and water pollution. Developed originally for use in Scandinavia , this hydrological transport model has also been applied in a large number of catchments on most continents.

Discharge Modelling

This is the major application of HBV, and has gone through much refinement. It comprises the following routines:

  • Snow routine
  • Soil moisture routine
  • Response function
  • Routing routine

HBV has been used for discharge modelling in many countries worldwide, including Brazil, China, Iran, Mozambique, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

Sediment and Solute Modelling

The HBV model can also simulate the riverine transport of sediment and dissolved solids. Lidén simulated the transport of nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended sediment in Brazil, Estonia, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

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The HBV model at the Swedish Department of Climate (SMHI)

HBV light at Stockholm University

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