Gun deck

The term gun deck originally referred to a deck aboard a ship that was primarily used for the mounting of cannon to be fired in broadsides. However, on many smaller vessels such as frigates and unrated vessels the upper deck, forecastle and quarter deck bore all of the cannons but were not referred to as the gun deck. The completely covered level under the upper deck was, however, still called the gun deck although it had no guns at all. The term "gun deck" is also navy slang for fabricating or falsifying something. It can take on the form of a verb, as in the sentence; "He gun decked the report."

gun-deck(ing) is a term used to convey that one has endangered the safety of the vessel equivalent to pointing the guns at the deck such that when they are fired the obvious catastrophic result will occur.

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Gun decking - Refers to the practice of painting the image of cannon ports on the side of one's ship in order to present the appearance of having more guns than a ship actually does, and thereby convincing any adversay that they were outgunned, foregoing engagement.

This term is presently used to indicate the falsification of documentation in order to avoid actually doing the work or make present conditions seem otherwise acceptable.

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