Greven (ˈgʁeːvən) is a town in the district of Steinfurt, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


Greven is situated on the river Ems, approx. 25 km south-east of Rheine and 15 km north of Münster.

Division of the town

Greven consists of the following districts

  • Greven
  • Reckenfeld
  • Gimbte
  • Schmedehausen

Neighbouring municipalities



Located near Greven (Greven-Ladbergen) is the airport Münster Osnabrück International Airport (IATA code: FMO).


  • Regional express trains (Regional Express) - these trains do not stop at all stations:
    • Emden(north sea)-Leer(Ostfriesland)-Meppen-Lingen(Emsland)-Rheine-Münster Hauptbahnhof (Main railway station).
  • Regional trains (Regional Bahn) - these trains stop at all stations:
    • Rheine-Emsdetten-Reckenfeld-Greven-Münster Sprakel-Münster Zentrum Nord-Münster Hauptbahnhof(Main railway station).

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