Greenie Bus

The Greenie Shuttle Bus is a colloquial name given to the shuttle buses that operate in the University Circle area of Cleveland, Ohio. The majority however, are blue, the name comes from their original green color. The Greenies have not been colored green for several decades, though the affectionate title has stuck.

In spring of 2005 there were several protests on the Case Western Reserve University campus regarding the hiring policies of and poor management by Standard Parking, the company in charge of the Greenies.

In spring of 2006 the Greenies were outfitted with GPS devices to make their positions trackable online, accurate to within 20 seconds (see External Links). Further plans call for the installation of signposts at significant stops that provide the time until the next bus.

Types of Greenie Buses

There are many different types of Greenie buses, some of which are not documented on the official Greenie web site. Currently in operation are the Circle Link, the Campus Loop, the North Loop, the South Loop, the Commuter Shuttle, and the UCRC Shuttle, which connects the Urban Child Research Center with the main Case campus.

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