Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of bread, small goods, dairy products, margarine, oil, dressings and various food ingredients. Its main operations are in New Zealand, as well as in Australia; the company has an annual turnover of $600 million.

As of 2005, the company had 28 major brands, with over 1,000 lines in 23 markets. The company was founded in 1986 after the merger of Allied Mills Ltd and Goodman Group Ltd. Since the merger in 1986, the company has purchased a further 13 companies. In September 2005 New Zealand Dairy Foods brands Meadowfresh, Tararua, Kiwi, Huttons, Anchor Cheese (under licence), Top Hat and Puhoi cheese became part of Goodman Fielder.

Goodman Fielder was floated on the sharemarket at the end of 2005 with Graeme Hart's Burns Philip company retaining a 20% share. Bluebird Foods Ltd was not included in the float and has been since sold by Burns Philp. Goodman Fielders current CEO is Peter Margin, former CEO of National Foods Limited.

The company's major brands include:

The company also exports many of its products to over 30 countries. Goodman Fielder has four divisions, Home Ingredients, Baking, Dairy and Commercial.

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