Golden Chicken

Golden Chicken (金雞 Jīnjī) is a 2002 Hong Kong film directed by Samson Chiu starring Sandra Ng and involving cameo appearances from Andy Lau and Eric Tsang.

It was followed by a sequel: Golden Chicken 2 in 2003.


Kum (Sandra Ng) is a long time Hong-Kong prostitute, when she gets locked in a cash machine vestibule with a would be thief (Eric Tsang) she tells him some stories of her life as a prostitute and how she come to be where she is today.



  • 22nd Annual Hong Kong Film Awards
  • 40th Annual Golden Horse Awards
    • Winner - Best Actress (Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu)
    • Winner - Best Art Direction (Hai Chung-Man and Wong Bing-Yiu)
    • Winner - Best Makeup and Costume Design (Hai Chung-Man and Dora Ng Lei-Lo)


  • Judging by the surrounding of the main sequence where Kam and "James Bond" gets locked together in an ATM booth, the film appears to be filmed in November/December 2002

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