Global Standards Collaboration

The Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) is an initiative of the ITU, ETSI, the United States' Committee T1 and the Japanese TTC. GSC has attracted a growing number of participants from around the world to promote global standards in various areas of common interest. GSC meets once a year.


GSC was founded in 1990 as Inter-regional Telecommunications Standards conference (ITSC) an initiative of the United States T1 Committee who invited the other founding partner organizations ITU-T, ETSI and TTC to the first meeting in Fredericksburg, Virginia. When the ITSC as a conference became too big, it was reduced to the Global Standards Collaboration, with delegations of reasonable size (10 maximum). The first GSC meeting was held in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia. The goal of the collaboration is to enhance co-operation between Participating Standards Organizations (PSOs) from different regions of the world in order to facilitate global standardization within the ITU.

Participating Standards Organizations

  • ARIB – Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (Japan)
  • ATIS – Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (USA)
  • CA – Communications Alliance Ltd (Australia)
  • CCSA – The China Communications Standards Association (China)
  • ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute (Europe)
  • ISACC – ICT Standards Advisory Council of Canada (Canada)
  • ITU-R / ITU-T – International Telecommunication Union (International)
  • TIA – Telecommunications Industry Association (USA)
  • TTA – Telecommunication Technology Association (Korea)
  • TTC – The Telecommunication Technology Committee (Japan)

GSC10 Open Standards Definition

According to the participating standards organizations, an open standard fulfills the following conditions:

  • Collaborative/consensus based development and/or approval
  • Transparent process
  • Inclusive
  • RAND/FRAND Intellectual Property Right (IPR) policies
  • Standard is published and made available to the general public under reasonable terms (including for reasonable fee or for free)

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