Gleicherwiesen in Thuringia is a part of the Gemeinde Gleichamberg. The Russian restaurant is the main attraction in town and worth visiting.


First mentioned in 1100 under the name Glychon, in 1182 Glychon an der Wysen (today Gleicherwiesen) and Glychon am Berg (today Gleichamberg) are referenced. Over much of history, the village was under control of von Bibra family (c.1356 - 1850). Much of the manner house still exists.

The village received the right to hold a market in 1743 and commerce flourished. Before WWI, about one third of the population was Jewish. A Jewish cemetery is outside of town.

The church, which stands somewhat in the middle of the village, was built onto the tower in 1843.

Coat of Arms

The beaver is the symbol of the von Bibra (Bibra is old German word for beaver), who owned the village for a long time. The linden tree symbolises the ancient linden tree in the village. The green and silver division of the shield symbolises the meadows and pastures (Wiesen).

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