Glavendrup stone

The Glavendrup stone or DR 209 is a runestone, on the island of Funen in Denmark and it is from the early 10th century. It is Denmark's longest runic inscription.

It forms the end of a stone ship. There are other megaliths in the vicinity, including memorial stones with Latin characters from the early 20th century. In the stone ship, nine graves have been found, but they were all empty.

The runestone was discovered when sand was quarried in the area, in 1794, and it was saved in 1808, by the archaeologist Vedel Simonssen, when stone masons wanted to buy it. The last restoration was made in 1958, and the mound it is standing on is modern.

Ragnhild who ordered the stone also ordered the runestone DR 230 from the rune artisan Soti. A gothi was a pagan priest and a thegn was the head of the Norse clan and a warchief. The rune carver appeals to Thor to hallow the stone. The inscription ends with a curse, similar to the ones found on the Tryggevælde Runestone in Denmark and the Saleby Runestone in Sweden.

Transliteration from runes to Latin characters

  • AP raknhiltr ' sa¶ti ' stain þonsi ' auft ¶ ala ' saulua kuþa ¶ uia l(i)þs haiþuiarþan þia¶kn
  • AQ raknhiltr ' sa¶ti ' stain þonsi ' auft ¶ ala ' saulua kuþa ¶ uial(i)þs haiþuiarþan þia¶kn
  • B ala ' suniR ' karþu ¶ kubl ' þausi ' aft ' faþur ¶ sin ' auk ' hons ' kuna ' auft ¶ uar ' sin ' in ' suti ' raist ' run¶aR ' þasi ' aft ' trutin ' sin ¶ þur ' uiki ' þasi ' runaR
  • C at ' rita ' sa ' uarþi ' is ' stain þansi ¶ ailti ' iþa aft ' onon ' traki

Transcription into Old Norse

  • AP Ragnhildr satti sten þænsi æft Alla Solwa, goþa wea, liþs heþwærþan þægn.
  • AQ Ragnhildr satti sten þænsi æft Alla, salvia goþa, vialiþs heþwærþan þægn.
  • B Alla syniR gærþu kumbl þøsi æft faþur sin ok hans kona æft wær sin. Æn Soti rest runaR þæssi æft drottin sin. Þor wigi þæssi runaR.
  • C At ræta(?) sa wærþi æs sten þænsi ælti(?) æþa æft annan dragi.

Translation into English

  • AP Ragnhildr placed this stone in memory of Alli the Pale, priest of the sanctuary, honourable þegn of the retinue.
  • AQ Ragnhildr placed this stone in memory of Alli, priest of the Sølve, honourable þegn of the sanctuary-retinue.
  • B Alli's sons made this monument in memory of their father, and his wife in memory of her husband. And Sóti carved these runes in memory of his lord. Þórr hallow these runes.
  • C A warlock be he who damages(?) this stone or drags it (to stand) in memory of another.


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