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The Glasgow Flyer is a branded airport bus service in Glasgow, Scotland. It connects Glasgow Airport to central Glasgow, operating as a shuttle bus via the M8 motorway. In Glasgow city centre it operates from the Buchanan bus station, also calling at Glasgow's two mainline railway termini. It is operated by Arriva Scotland West under contract to airport operator BAA. The Glasgow Flyer service is numbered 500.


The original bus service to Glasgow Airport was route 905, which was operated by Fairline Coaches under contract to Scottish Citylink, and ran a similar route . Arriva also ran extra buses on this route. All buses were in the Scottish Citylink yellow and blue colours, although the timetable stated buses in Fairline's livery may be used on the service at times. In February 2007, the 905 was re-launched with increased frequency and a new livery . The Glasgow Flyer was announced on 1st June 2007 , with a start date of 9th July, and subsequently route 905 was withdrawn. However, Fairline Coaches have since started a competing independently run service, Glasgow Airport Link, using route number 905.

Vehicles used

Arriva invested £1.5 million pounds on 11 new buses for the service. The vehicles are Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipses, in a lime green, black and white livery. Each vehicle emits 13% less carbon emissions than the previous buses used on the service. They were expected in service in November 2007, but the first was launched on the 4 December 2007 at Glasgow Airport. Between the new buses arriving and service starting, a fleet of Plaxton Centros was used , alongside conventional Arriva buses with branding for the service. The Centros are now on standard Arriva routes. An Optare MetroRider had been painted into the Glasgow Flyer livery for staff transport duties.

Service features

The service has a number of features to make it attractive to the user. It operates at 24-hour service, 7 days a week and all year, with prices lower than the equivalent taxi fare. The service runs very frequently every 10 minutes at daytime.

Another feature not often used in buses is that of WiFi. Each vehicle has equipment fitted, and the service is offered to passenger free of charge, enabling them to access the internet as they travel.

The vehicles have leather seats, and each has a 3-tier luggage rack. Each bus also has a journey information system, which announces the bus stop the vehicle is due to arrive at shortly before it gets there. It also notifies of train and subway stations, hotels and shopping streets. This is occasionally prone to periods of inoperation, and the drivers have to revert to calling stops themselves.


The bus follows a different route in each direction in Glasgow City Centre, due to the one-way traffic system there. The service takes approximately 20 minutes in either direction.

Route departing city centre

Route departing airport

  • Glasgow Airport, stance 1
  • Direct via M8 Motorway
  • Bothwell Street, for Central station
  • West George Street
  • North Hanover Street, for Queen Street station
  • Buchanan bus station, stance 46

Customer promise

The service provides a customer promise, showing how Arriva aims to run the service.

Arriva say they aim to present a safe, clean bus, in the correct Glasgow Flyer livery, with the destination clearly displayed, and the driver should be uniformed and courteous. Reflecting the rules of the Traffic Commissioner, Arriva will offer the next journey free of charge if the bus leaves early or is more than five minutes late, and they are to blame.

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