Gladstone, New Zealand

Gladstone is a lightly populated locality in the Carterton District of New Zealand's North Island, located on the Mangahuia Stream near where the Tauweru River joins the Ruamahanga River. The nearest town is Carterton 15 kilometres to the northwest, and nearby settlements include Ponatahi to the west and Longbush to the south. It was named after British Prime Minister William Gladstone.


Gladstone is primarily a farming community and some viticulture occurs in the area. Viticultural activity is increasing as winemakers realise the potential of soil and climate that produce low yielding rich concentrated grapes. Gladstone also has a number of small businesses and industries, including cafes, homestays, and a wheelwright shop.

The Gladstone Inn, known to locals as "The Gladdy", is Gladstone's iconic pub and it was voted by the Hospitality Association of New Zealand as the best country hotel in New Zealand in 2006.


Gladstone School is the local primary school accommodating approximately 100 children. This has been the main school for the area since the closure of schools in Longbush, Maungaraki, and Te Whiti in 1968. Over the last decade, the school has gained popularity and is now taking children from further away, including Carterton, Martinborough, and Masterton.


A sports complex is located in Gladstone near the pub. It is the home of Gladstone's rugby union and hockey clubs.

War memorial

Thirty-four deceased soldiers from Gladstone and its surrounds are commemorated by a small roadside war memorial, and part of the main road between Masterton and Gladstone is lined with 36 memorial oaks. Why there are thirty-six rather than thirty-four oaks is unknown.


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