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Gitane Demone

Gitane Demone is a singer and musician. She was a member of Christian Death in the 1980s, and is currently a solo artist.

Pompeii 99 and Christian Death

Gitane joined Pompeii 99 after answering an ad placed by Valor Kand. She joined Valor's band and the pair also become lovers, giving birth to a son, Sevan, in 1984. Gitane stayed with the band when it joined with Rozz Williams to become the new line-up of Christian Death. Gitane split from both Valor and Christian Death in 1989.

Solo History

Gitane may have had an obvious background in punk and deathrock/gothic rock, but she also had a passion for jazz and a number of legendary female vocalists, most notably Billie Holliday. Her visual image was no less intriuging, a rubber-clad S&M look the order of the day, with the fetish theme was carried through into her lyrics.

Gitane released a couple of EPs early in her solo career (eventually collected on the compilation Facets In Blue). She then renewed her friendship with former bandmate Rozz Williams, touring together and then recording an album of cover versions in 1995. She then paired up with Mark Ickx to produce a full-length album, released under the name 'Demonix', around the same time

Gitane recorded an album of her own entitled Am I Wrong? in 1997. She also continued to provide guest vocals for bands on both sides of the Atlantic, and also released a compilation of the songs she sung in her Christian Death days. A second studio album, Stars of Trash (again self-penned, but recorded with the assistance of the band Dreadful Shadows) followed in 2000.


  • A Heaven Melancholy EP (1993)
  • Lullabies for a Troubled World EP (1993)
  • Facets In Blue (1993 - Compilation of previous EPs)
  • Love For Sale (1993 - Live in Bern)
  • With Love And Dementia (1994 - Live In Cannes)
  • Never Felt So Alive (1994 - as 'Demonix')
  • Dream Home Heartache (1995 - as 'Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone')
  • Am I Wrong? (1997)
  • Life In Death '85-'89 (1999 - A collection of all the Christian Death songs Gitane sang)
  • Never Felt So Alive (The Lost Mixes) (1999 - as 'Demonix')
  • Stars of Trash (2000)
  • Solitary War MCD (2000)

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