Gillian Andrassy

Gillian Maria Eugenia Lavery (née Andrassy) is a fictional character from the American daytime drama All My Children. She was portrayed by South African actress Esta TerBlanche from August 1997 until October 2001.

Gillian arrived in 1997 as a European princess and younger, troublemaking cousin of Dimitri Marick (Michael Nader). Gillian later mellowed into a much warmer and compassionate person, however. Although she was involved with and even married Jake Martin (Michael Lowry), Gillian is best known for her popular pairing with con-artist Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison). Ryan and Gillian's relationship ended tragically in the summer of 2001 with her murder in an act of mistaken identity. However, she stayed in Pine Valley for a couple of months as a soul in purgatory, then going off to heaven after a distraught Ryan started to find peace. However, a part of Gillian lived on in her friend Laura English, who received Gillian's heart in an emergency transplant.

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