George Lopez (TV series)

George Lopez (also known as The George Lopez Show) is an American sitcom starring comedian George Lopez that originally aired on ABC from March 27 2002 to May 8 2007.


In 2000, after several years of performing stand-up comedy, Lopez was approached by actress Sandra Bullock for Lopez to produce and star in a comedy. Bullock was concerned about the lack of Hispanic-oriented sitcoms on American television and pushed to get a sitcom on television that starred Hispanics but wasn't exclusively about the Hispanic American community. ABC, who had been criticized by Hispanic American groups for lack of Latinos on their television movies, quickly picked up the television series. For the first five seasons, the show had an all-Hispanic cast with the exception of Albanian-American actress Masiela Lusha, who played George's daughter Carmen in the show's first five seasons. George Lopez said that due to creative differences between him and Lusha, Lusha's character was written out of the show after Season 5. Lusha did appear in the 2007 season premiere, when her character left to attend a college in another state, and was replaced by Aimee Garcia as George's niece, Veronica (making for an all-Hispanic cast the final season).

On March 8 2007, it was announced that George Lopez would join the Nick at Nite lineup. It first aired on Nick at Nite on September 10 2007 - it is the youngest non-original show airing on Nick at Nite. On May 15 2007, the series was cancelled by ABC. September 7 2007 was the last time George Lopez aired on ABC. The show will air on The N in September 2008. The program also runs in syndication.

The show was the last program from the ABC's former TGIF lineup to air, although its last season aired on Wednesdays.


The show stars George Lopez as manager of an airplane parts factory called Powers Brothers Aviation. He is married to Angie Palmero and has two outgoing children, Max and Carmen Lopez. In the show, George grew up without his father and had a careless mother, Benita "Benny" Lopez, an alcoholic, and George and she often trade insults about her bad parenting. Benny works at Powers Brothers Aviation as well as George's best friend, Ernie Cardenas, who has a problem trying to get a girl. George's father-in-law, Dr. Victor "Vic" Palmero, mostly thinks Angie should have married someone better than George. Benny always criticizes Angie's cooking and her parenting skills. George gained control of his spoiled rich niece Veronica Palmero's inheritance after her mother passed on.


Actor/Actress Character Season
George Lopez As himself Seasons 1-6
Constance Marie Angela "Angie" Palmero Lopez (George's wife) Seasons 1-6
Belita Moreno Benita "Benny" Lopez (George's mother) Seasons 1-6
Masiela Lusha Carmen Consuela Lopez (George's daughter) Seasons 1-5
Luis Armand Garcia Max Victor Roberto Lopez (George's son) Seasons 1-6
Valente Rodriguez Ernesto "Ernie" Cardenas (George's best-friend) Seasons 1-6
Emiliano Díez Dr. Victor "Vic" Palmero (Angie's father) Seasons 2-6
Aimee Garcia Veronica Palmero (Angie and George's niece) Seasons 5-6



DVD releases

Season Releases
DVD Name Release Date Ep # Additional Information
The Complete First and Second Seasons

April 17 2007 28

Bonus features include "Inside the Comedic Mind" featurette and Gag reel. Note: The theme song "Low Rider" is not on the DVD set due to licensing costs. George Lopez came in with the producers to record a new theme.


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