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Geoff Barrow

Geoffrey Paul Barrow (born 9 December 1971, Walton in Gordano, Somerset, England) is the producer/instrumentalist for the band Portishead.

Life and career

The band Portishead formed in 1991, which was named after the small town near Bristol where Barrow grew up.

On his intentions in forming Portishead: "I just wanted to make interesting music, proper songs with a proper life span and a decent place in people's record collections."

In 2001 he formed the australian record label, Invada Records (whose artist roster includes acts like RuC.L and ARIA-award-winning group Koolism), together with Katalyst's Ashley Anderson.

In 2003 Barrow set up invada uk a more experimental music label with partner fat paul signing bands such as GONGA < TEAM BRICK < ATAVIST < CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX

As "Fuzzface", Barrow co-produced Stephanie McKay's 2003 debut album, McKay, with some songs co-penned by Carl Hancock Rux and has remixed for Gravediggaz and The Pharcyde.

In 2005, Barrow, along with Utley, produced The Coral's third album, The Invisible Invasion.

He and the other members of Portishead recorded and released an album in April 2008, titled Third.


He provided scratching on a couple of songs on Earthling's 1995 album, Radar.


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