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Gelibolu, Turkey: see Gallipoli.
Turkish Gelibolu ancient Callipolis

Seaport and town (pop., 2000 est.: 23,100), European Turkey. It lies on a narrow peninsula at the entrance to the Sea of Marmara, southwest of Istanbul. First colonized by the Greeks, it was the site of an important Byzantine fortress. It became the first Ottoman conquest in Europe (circa 1356) and was used as a naval base because of its strategic importance for the defense of Constantinople (Istanbul). Much of the town was destroyed in World War I (1914–18) during the Dardanelles Campaign. Historic sites include a 14th-century Ottoman castle and the tombs of Thracian kings.

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Gelibolu in modern Turkish, (Καλλίπολις), is the name of a town and a district of Çanakkale Province, Turkey, located on the Gallipoli peninsula in the European part of Turkey. Gelibolu is well-known for sardine canning. Also Gelibolu is a historical place to visit. She was center of Kaptanpaşa Eyalet at first. She was a sanjak center in Edirne vilayet between 1864-1920. Bulgarian Army threatened Gelibolu during First Balkan War and advanced to Bolayır in 1912. She was occupied by Greeks between 1920-1922. She was a province center between 1922-1926 and districts of Gelibolu, Eceabat, Keşan (Enez was bounded to Keşan before 1953) and Şarköy were bounded to her. Web pages related with Gelibolu :

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