Gausdal is a municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway.

Gausdal was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). Gausdal was divided into Vestre Gausdal and Østre Gausdal in the period 1879-1962.

Follebu is a township and sub-parish in eastern Gausdal.


The Norse form of the name was Gausdalr. The first element is the river name Gausa, the last element is dalr m 'valley, dale'. The river name is derived from the verb gjósa 'stream forcefully'.


The coat-of-arms is from 1986. The form is meant to represent the profile of the mountain Skeikampen.


Gausdal is bordered on the northwest by Sør-Fron municipality, on the northeast by Ringebu and Øyer, on the southeast by Lillehammer, on the south by Nordre Land, on the southwest by Nord-Aurdal and Øystre Slidre.

The famous Peer Gynt mountain road begins here and leads to Vinstra.

A popular ski area is located on the south slope of Skeikampen mountain.

Western tributaries of the Gudbrandsdalslågen include the Gausa River, which flows through Gausdal valley.

Norway's smallest national park, Ormtjernkampen National Park, lies within the municipality.


The Follebu stone church was built in the early Middle Ages (~1250). It is unusual in that the chancel and nave were built as one continuous piece.

In the 1880s there was mining for Nickel in Espedalen. The search for Nickel was taken up again in 2004 by Blackstone Venture, a Canadian company. As of 2006 they are still drilling for mineral samples only.


Logging, farming and tourism are important occupations.

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