Gaian may refer to:

  • the Gaia hypothesis
    • a adherent of Gaianism - a neopagan religion whose central deity is Gaia or Mother Earth
  • Gaian Greens — a radical branch of the Green movement
  • a person who adopts Technogaianism — a bright green environmentalist movement

Gaian may also refer to:

  • one of the seven factions the player can choose to control in the computer game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri; their philosophy in the game is similar to that described in Gaian Greens.
  • a term used when referring to a user of the popular forum Gaia Online, or spoken in reference to the Avatar character used to represent oneself in the forum.

Gaian, House Of

  • From the Anne Bishop Tir Alainn Trilogy. The House of Gaian are the witches, known as the daughters (and sons) who rule the Mother's Hills. They are the "pillars" of the world.

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