Güero (disambiguation)

Güero (Alternatively spelled Guero or Huero pron. IPA ['wero] sounds like "Wher-oh" in English) is a Mexican Spanish word for a blonde haired person (http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/SrvltConsulta?TIPO_BUS=3&LEMA=guero). The word is a word of endearment, but it can be considered pejorative.----

The term is also used in slang for "white boy" or (Güera) "white girl". The term can also be used more broadly as "whitie".

Güero/Guero/Huero, may refer to:

In people:

In music:

  • Guero is a piano studio by German composer Helmut Lachenmann.
  • Guero, the sixth album released by Beck.
    • Guerolito, the first remix album by Beck featuring all of the songs from Guero (except for the hidden track, "Send a Message to Her").
  • Matando Güeros", the first album from the Mexican metal-band Brujeria, which subject revolves around "killing white Americans" and the politics surrounding illegal immigration. The band asserts that a "Güero" in their terms is any (white) American who supports racism against Mexican people and denies Mexicans passage across the border.

In Film:

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