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Fremdsprachen und Hochschule

Fremdsprachen und Hochschule (FuH) (= Foreign Languages at Universities) is a triannual academic journal published by the German Association of University Language Centers (AKS).


The journal was created in 1968 under the title“AKS-Rundbrief”(= AKS-Circular) by the German Association of University Language Centers (AKS). Being a practice-oriented journal in the first phase of its existence, it has developed into an academic, at times empirical, journal throughout the years.

Content and Scope

FuH features innovative approaches to foreign language acquisition, foreign language teaching and applied linguistics, and aims at modern methods of foreign language teaching and research as well as applied linguistics, oscillating between theory and practice, often presenting theory-based practice or practice-oriented theory.

The content scope of the journal ranges from applied linguistics to foreign language methodology, with English, French, Spanish, Italian and German as foreign languages being the potential target languages. Intercultural analyses represent an important part as well. The articles published have explicit reference to university education and training. Publication languages are German as well as any of the languages mentioned above.

Publication and editing board

FuH is published triannually by the German Association of Language Centers, which is a sub-organization of the European Association of Language Centers (CERCLES). The Board consists of three editors, with manuscripts requiring two positive votes.

Text types published

In addition to academic articles from practical foreign language teaching to applied linguistics with reference to universities, book reviews on relevant publications, inclusive of newly published textbooks, represent another component of the journal so as to communicate the topical knowledge in the fields specified above. Reviews are relatively long, about five to eight pages, so as to offer specific and detailed insight into the books reviewed.

Apart from these text types, calls for papers and conference information are announced. The journal also serves as an information and publication platform for UNIcert - the international education and certification system for foreign languages taught at universities, which was founded in Germany and whose headquarters are located there.


According to the WU Journal Rating, FuH is ranked B.

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