Franz Hermann Troschel

Franz Hermann Troschel (October 10, 1810 - November 6, 1882) was a German zoologist who was born in Spandau. He studied mathematics and natural history at the University of Berlin, and beginning in 1840 was an assistant to Martin Lichtenstein (1780-1857) at the Humboldt Museum of Natural History in Berlin. In 1849 he became a professor of zoology and natural history at the University of Bonn.

Troschel is remembered for the identification and classification of species in the fields of malacology, ichthyology and herpetology. A few of the species that contain his name are Troschel's sea star (Evasterias troschelii), Troschel's parrotfish (Chlorurus troschelii) and Troschel's murex (Murex troschelii).

Selected writings

  • System der Asteriden. Braunschweig 1842 (With Johannes Peter Müller (1801-1858).
  • Über die Bedeutsamkeit of the naturgeschichtlichen Unterrichts. Berlin 1845.
  • Horae ichthyologicae. Berlin 1845-49, 3 volumes (With Johannes Peter Müller).
  • Handbuch Der Zoology. Berlin 1848/1853/1859/1864/1871, (original authors- Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann (1802-1841) and Johann Friedrich Ruthe (1788-1859).
  • Das Gebiß der Schnecken zur Begründung einer natürlichen Klassifikation. Berlin 1856-1879, two volumes. (work continued by Johannes Thiele (1860-1935).


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