Frank Aletter

Frank Aletter (born January 14, 1926, in Queens, New York) is an American stage, film, and television actor.

During the 1950s Aletter appeared on broadway in Bells Are Ringing, Time Limit, and Wish You Were Here. However he soon moved on to a prolific television career, appearing as a guest on numerous shows between 1956 and 1988.

Aletter starred in three programs in the 1960s:

Bringing Up Buddy (1960-1961) with Enid Markey and Doro Merande, who portrayed overprotective spinster aunts to Aletter's character, Buddy Flower, a bachelor stockbroker. His first wife, Lee Meriwether, guest starred in one of the episodes.

The Cara Williams Show (1964-1965) with Cara Williams as his wife. The two tried to keep their marriage secret to comply with company policy.

It's About Time, a Sherwood Schwartz series on CBS in 1966-1967.

Aletter's movie roles include Mister Roberts, Tora! Tora! Tora!, and Disney's A Tiger Walks.

Along with his acting work, Aletter has been involved with Screen Actors Guild, having been elected as a vice president in 1987.

Personal life

He was married to Lee Meriwether from 1958-1974. The couple has two daughters, actresses Kyle Aletter-Oldham and Lesley Aletter. Aletter and his current wife, Estella, were married in 1984. Estella has two daughters, Julia and Alixandra Hodes.


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