Foundation garment

A foundation garment (also known as shapewear or shape-wear) is an undergarment designed to change the wearer's shape, producing a more fashionable figure. Specific styles of foundation garments have been essential to some fashion movements, and required in some social situations in various fashion periods, particularly but not exclusively for women. In recent years sales of such garments have ıncreased consıderably.

Foundation garments include:

Types of Control

  • Light Control shapewear garments offer a touch of smoothing control. They are the perfect option for women of all sizes who want to appear smoother, not smaller.
  • Medium Control shapewear garments offer smoothing control with a touch of compression. They are the perfect option for any woman who is seeking to appear more toned.
  • Firm Control shapewear garments offer the maximum amount of compression and control. They are perfect for any woman seeking to appear slimmer and more toned under their clothing.


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