Foloi (Φολόη), older forms Foloe, older form and Latin: Pholoe is a village and a municipality in the eastern part of the prefecture of Ilia. The seat of the municipality is in the village Lala. It is located about 40 km E of Pyrgos, about 70 km S of Patras, about 40 km SW of Lampeia, about 50 km SE of Amaliada and about 140 km W of Tripoli. The prefecture of Arcadia is bounded to the east in the Erymanthus river.

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Historical population

Year Communal population Change Municipal population Change
1981 308 - - -
1991 253 13/2.19% 3,826 -
2001 333 92/15.16% 4,870 1,044/27.29%

The population from 1981 to 1991 lost 55 but recovered over the level where the population was in 1981. The village has a small school, a church, a small post office, a train station and a square (plateia). The entire mountain and the ranges is also a parkland. Much of the municipality and the mountain is covered with pine forests. It is also home to some birds and some butterflies. The Kladeos river passes through Lala. The remainder of the lands are made up of rivers and streams. The mountain formed a historical border with Elis and Arcadia. Its present boundary is now at the Erymanthus river. In the times of Alaric, Arcadius, a general succeeded in shutting off the Goths in the border between Elis and Arcadia. Forests fires of somewhere in the late-1990s consumed a part of the forest.

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