Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon is a fighting video game with RPG elements released for the Nintendo 64 platform in 1998, which was designed by Culture Brain and published by Natsume. The game received relatively low scores on specialized reviews at the time of its release. It had a sequel a year later "S.D. Hiryu no Ken Densetsu".

Its most notable feature was the game's main gameplay mode that featured a character progression system, in which characters advanced in levels as they become more experienced, and in which it is possible to collect money and items to equip characters with.

Flying Dragon was also an NES game released for by Culture Brain in 1989, where the player controlled a martial artist trying to recover magical scrolls stolen by the evil Tusk Soldiers. It was afforded a nominal sequel with Flying Warriors.


The game consists of two different fighting modes, though the two share many common characters.

SD Version

  • Ryuhi - This hot blooded warrior is a leader of warriors and an expert with Kung Fu. His home country is China and style is Kung Fu.
  • Hayato - This calm, gifted fighter, is familiar with all types of fighting styles. His Home country is Japan and style is Kobujutsu
  • Suzaku - This mysterious evil man, set on revenge, plans on conquering the world. His home Country is the Underworld and style is Kung Fu.
  • Yuka - A master of "Aiki-Jyujyutsu" she can throw any opponent. Her home country is Japan and her style is Jyujyutsu. (also has a crush on Ryuhi)
  • Robo no Hana - The yokozuna of Robot Sumo, who dreams of becoming the best hero in the universe. He has no home country and his style is Robot Sumo. (Note Robot Sumo is held on a distant planet of Dousokui probably meaning Robo No Hana is an alien visiting earth)
  • Wiler - This Warrior is strong and reliable. He uses Martial Arts learned in the army. His home country is the United States and his fighting style is a mix of Martial Arts and amateur wrestling.
  • Powers - The top wrestler of the NCW, he plans on being the strongest in the world. His home county is the United States and style is Pro Wrestling. (He sort of resembles the pro wrestler Ultimate Warrior )
  • Shouryu - This young ghost hunter uses ESP and he is currently training in Mexico. His home country is the United States and his style is a Mix of martial arts and Lucha Libre wrestling and also friends with Ryuhi
  • Bokuchin (unlockable character) - Possibly the most mysterious character of the bunch. Looks like a doll brought to life. Has no known fighting style, home country, or even his own stage. He also has the most limited moveset of all the characters.
  • Ryumaou (unlockable character) - He is usually the main boss of the circuit mode. He rules the Underworld as the Devil King and is one of the fieriest characters on the game. (Note the playable Ryumaou is a clone created by Shin Ryumaou who is the boss for the clone in circuit)

Version 1.5

  • Ryuhi
  • Hayato
  • Red Falcon
  • Min Min
  • Kate
  • Raima
  • Gengai
  • Shouryu
  • Ryumaou (unlockable character)
  • Shin Ryumaou (boss)


An improved version of the game entitled S.D. Hiryu no Ken Densetsu was released in Japan only, and added more characters, items and a new gameplay mode. It also removed the more realistic "Virtual mode", favoring the super deformed "Quest mode".


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