Floris IV, Count of Holland

Floris IV (24 June 1210 The Hague19 July 1234, Corbie, France), Count of Holland from 1222 to 1234. He was a son of William I of Holland and Adelaide of Geldern.

Floris IV succeeded his father in 1222. His regent was Baldwin of Bentheim. He acquired the Land of Altena. He had constant disputes with the bishop of Utrecht, Otto of Lippe, but helped him against the peasants of Drenthe in 1227. Floris was a real knight, who went on crusade against the Stedingers north of Bremen in 1234. He died at a French tourney.

Family and children

He married before 6 December 1214 with Matilde of Brabant, daughter of Duke Henry I of Brabant and Maud of Boulogne and Alsace. They children were:

  1. William II, Count of Holland (1227–1256).
  2. Floris (ca. 1228 - 1258), Regent of Holland in 1256-1258.
  3. Adelaide of Holland (ca. 1230–1284), married, in Frankfurt am Main in 1246, Jean I of Avesnes, Count of Hainaut. Their descendants eventually inherited Holland. She was Regent of Holland in 1258-1263.
  4. Margaret (d. 1277), married ca. 1249 to Count Hermann I of Henneberg.
  5. Mechtild

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