Florida State Road 414

State Road 414 (SR 414), named Maitland Boulevard, is a state highway in the U.S. state of Florida. It is built to expressway standards, with no driveway access, at-grade intersections at minor roads, and interchanges at major roads.

The road was once numbered State Road 426A.

Future plans

An extension to the west is planned around the south side of Apopka and back to U.S. Highway 441 (SR 500). Originally known as the Apopka Bypass, this project is now the John Land Apopka Expressway or Maitland Boulevard Extension, a tollway to be owned and operated by the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority. It was named after Apopka mayor John Land in December 2005.

The Expressway will connect to State Road 429 (Western Beltway) south of Apopka, where a new alignment of SR 429 will begin. Current SR 429 north of SR 414 will be renumbered SR 451 during Phase 2.

Phase 1 is the road from US 441 to SR 429, including a rerouting of SR 429 from just south of the current Ocoee-Apopka Road (CR 437A) to US 441. Ground broke on the project on January 19, 2007 at the southeast corner of SR 414 and US 441. The entire roadway will be elevated. As of September, 2007, embankment work was underway along the entire route east of Keene Road. Overpass construction at U.S. Highway 441 was underway as of late August, 2007 which involves temporary lanes and lane shifting.

Some of the additions and modifications in Phase 1 include:

  • The intersection of SR 414 and US 441 will be shifted slightly southward and turned into a grade-separated half-folded diamond interchange. SR 414 will be reconstructed to pass over US 441. The 7-11 at the southeast corner of the interchange has been demolished.
  • The Florida Central Railroad bridge over US 441 just to the north of the intersection with State Road 414 was demolished during June, 2007. Railroad tracks that had continued east to Forest City, Florida were removed. This location is the site of westbound exit and entrance ramps with US 441.
  • Apopka Blvd. (CR 424) will be broken where SR 414 will pass through. Before construction, Apopka Blvd. ran parallel to US 441 to its west, but 20 feet above US 441's grade. The north side will be diverted to end at US 441 at SR 414's new westbound offramps, with a cul-de-sac sticking out briefly to the south. The south side will simply end in a cul-de-sac. An existing house on Apopka Blvd. was also demolished to make way for the expressway.
  • SR 414 will be six lanes, three in each direction, from US 441 westbound to Hiawassee Road.
  • A SPUI interchange will be constructed at Hiawassee Road, with SR 414 passing to the south of the recently opened Wekiva High School (Orange County Public Schools). SR 414 will be four lanes, two in each direction, from this point to the west.
  • A westbound off-ramp to, and an eastbound on-ramp from Keene Road will be built.
  • Coral Hills Road, a side-street to the west of Clarcona Road (CR 435), will be closed where SR 414 passes through and will end in cul-de-sacs on either side. That will be the location of the only mainline toll plaza in Phase 1 of SR 414.
  • The proposed mainline toll will be $1.00.
  • After Phase 1 is constructed there will be direct connection from westbound SR 414 to northbound SR 429 and vice versa. Traffic from westbound SR 414 to southbound SR 429 and vice versa will require exiting onto Ocoee-Apopka Road for the connection.
  • The interchange of SR 429 with Ocoee-Apopka Road will be relocated further south, to a second location where Ocoee-Apopka Road passes under SR 429.

In Phase 2, the road, which will be concurrently signed as both SR 414 and SR 429, will be extended further west and north to a SPUI interchange a quarter mile north of Plymouth-Sorrento Road at US 441. A surface road will be built at that location to connect between US 441 and Plymouth-Sorrento Road. This new road will pass over the right-of-way of SR 414/429, which will be further extended to the north in the future. Upon the completion of Phase 2, what is now SR 429 north of the SR 414 junction will be resigned as State Road 451.

Plans for further extension, eventually to meet Interstate 4 in Sanford, are part of a corridor known as the Wekiva Parkway.

Future Exit List

Number Destinations Notes
4 / Ocoee-Apopka Road westbound exit direct to SR 429 northbound; eastbound entrance direct from SR 429 southbound. Other traffic must use Ocoee-Apopka Road.
Mainline Toll Plaza ($1.00 cars)
6 Keene Road westbound exit and eastbound entrance only; ramp toll $.50
8 Hiawassee Road westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramp toll $.25
9 Orange Blossom Trail
EXPRESSWAY ENDS at Rose Avenue / Bear Lake Road


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