Flight of Fear (Kings Island)

Flight of Fear is a roller coaster at Kings Island and has a clone at Kings Dominion. For most of the 2006 operating season, the clone at Kings Dominion had been closed, but reopened on August 18 under the management of new owner Cedar Fair, L.P.

Flight of Fear was a first for their desiger, Premier Rides. This was the first roller coaster ever to use a launch system driven by linear induction motors. Since then Premier has built many other rides using LIM's.

During the 2007 season, the ride was equipped with cameras that recorded video of riders that were available for purchase. The in-car video cameras were removed for the 2008 season.


After boarding Flight of Fear, riders are launched through a narrow launch tunnel into a "spaghetti bowl" of track which contains a cobra roll, a sidewinder, and many twists and turns. After reaching the ride's mid-course brake run, riders spiral downward and to the left, and after more twists and turns they pass through a corkscrew before arriving at the ride's final brake run.

Premier Rides built several of these LIM Catapult roller coasters from 1996 to 1999, although, of those, only the two Flight of Fear rides are indoors. The outdoor LIM Catapult coasters in the United States are Joker's Jinx at Six Flags America, Poltergeist at Six Flags Fiesta Texas; both opened in 1999. In addition, a LIM Catapult coaster called Mad Cobra operated at Suzuka Circuit in Japan from 1998-2003; Mad Cobra was moved to China and reopened at Kingdoms of Discovery in 2006. The five Premier LIM catapult coasters share a similar layout and have the same technical specifications.

Statistics and awards

Flight of Fear was built by Premier Rides and was the world's first linear induction motor roller coaster. Its highest peak is 74 ft; and its total length is 2,705 feet. Its maximum speed, which is attained in less than four seconds during its launch, is 56 mph. The launch requires 3 megawatts of electric power. When it opened, Flight of Fear had the fastest acceleration of any roller coaster in the world. Flight of Fear won awards at the November 1995 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show for the best new Major Theme/Amusement Park Ride/Attraction and Technology Applied to Amusements.

Flight of Fear initially had over-the-shoulder restraints, but those were replaced with individual ratcheting lapbars at the beginning of the 2001 season. The over-the-shoulder restraints, combined with the curving track, caused young riders' heads to bounce back and forth between the restraints. The new lapbar system won Flight of Fear its third award from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, and its second for Technology Applied to Amusements.


Originally, the ride was themed to the television show The Outer Limits and was called The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear. Because the license for using the The Outer Limits name and theming expired, the ride's name changed to Flight of Fear at the start of the 2001 season.

As of 2006, the ride's queue still contained UFO-related theming, although it was no longer based on a television show or film. The ride's building was themed to "Area 47", a parody of Area 51, and had a sign outside informing riders, "You are entering a government security zone. Area under constant surveillance." The Flight of Fear queue contained several distinct stages. Riders entered the Flight of Fear building through a "Press Area", but in a later room stood in line in an alien spacecraft. Afterward, riders would see the boarding area for the ride; the loading and unloading areas for the ride were separate so that riders would be greeted by an empty train when they went to board the ride. In addition, the two stations were the only parts of the ride which had much lighting; most of the ride was in the dark. As such, the Flight of Fear buildings at Kings Dominion and Kings Island have also been used to store trains for other rides; the Kings Island Flight of Fear building holds the trains for that park's formerly-operating stand-up coaster, King Cobra. In addition, the darkness of the ride prevented riders from being able to see where they were going.

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