Fist pump

The fist pump is a celebratory gesture in which a closed fist is raised before the torso and subsequently drawn down and nearer to the body in a vigorous, swift motion. The fist pump is frequently carried out in parts of the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and Japan (where it is known as guts pose) to denote enthusiasm, exuberance, or success and may be accompanied by a similarly energetic exclamation or vociferation. The gesture may be executed once or in a rapid series.

Though they are notably conspicuous in sporting activities (especially upon the attainment of a goal or score), fist pumps are present in a wide range of other industries including real estate marketing, naval engineering and information technology. In sports, pumping one's fist following an error made by one's opponent can be considered unsportsmanlike.

Blue Man Group labelled this gesture Rock Concert Movement #2.

Many famous athletes are particularly associated with the fist pump. For example Wayne Gretzky the ice hockey player, tennis player Tim Henman and Tiger Woods, the professional golfer.

2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean was made fun of for his exaggerated fist-pump combined with what was later referred to as the Dean Scream.

Tom Cruise repeatedly made Fist Pumps while also making Genuflections in celebration of his latest romantic relationship with Katie Holmes on the Oprah Winfrey show. He has been mocked for his exuberant behaviour during this broadcast, particularly on several YouTube movies. This was the origin of the expression "jump the couch.


Australian Swimmer Michael Klim used a variation of this sign by releasing his end fingers. This would be known as the "Reverse Duck-Bill". Another user of this is Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, who uses this when he screams "C'mon!" when he is excited or has won a game.

Another variation of the fist pump can be done by extending the arm upward at or above head level. This is a common dance move to such popular songs like Everytime We Touch (Cascada song) by Cascada.


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